Planned Giving

Including Bennington College in your long-term financial or estate plans is one of the most effective—and important—philanthropic decisions you can make.

Bennington has always been defined by its forward-thinking approach to education, and our students have always been characterized by their passion for reshaping the world around them. With planned giving, you can design ways to have a lasting impact on Bennington College and empower our students now, and far into the future.

Whether it’s as simple as adding a line to your will, or it entails a more involved arrangement that may offer substantial tax benefits while guaranteeing you or your loved ones an income stream, let the Office of Gift Planning help you and your financial advisors develop a gift plan that meets your financial and philanthropic goals.

"I have chosen to include Bennington in my estate plans because I want to support the leadership role that the College plays in higher education. The liberal arts in general, and Bennington’s model in particular, are urgently important. This paradigm should and must continue for future generations. I hope you will consider a planned gift to Bennington. Your decision today can quite literally help change the future." —Alan Kornberg, ’74, Chairman, Board of Trustees

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